Final Fantasy TCG - Anniversary Collection Set 2022

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The Anniversary Collection Set 2022 Box contains the following:
• 1 Mid-sized storage box
• This is the sealed outer box that the product comes in. This box is intended to be reused as a storage box after opening.
• Preconstructed Deck (Fire/Water): 50 cards (Reprint cards: 41 cards, New promo cards: 3 kinds, 3 cards each, for a total of 9 cards. There is 1 premium full art included with each kind of promo cards.)
• Reprint cards: 200 cards (from Opus I through Opus XII)
• Commemorative promo card: 1 kind, 3 cards (all three are premium full art card)
• There will be a total of 253 cards physically included in this set.
• 1 Quick Starter Guide
• 1 Reversible Paper Play Mat