Force of Will

Force of Will is a trading card game by Force of Will Co., Ltd. It was first released in Japan in December 2012 as フォースオブウィル and later released to English speaking countries in 2013. It has game mechanics similar to Magic: The Gathering. The game has a tournament circuit.

Game overview

Each player is in control of a main deck of 40–60 cards composed of resonators ("creatures"), chants ("spells"), additions and regalia. They win the game by either reducing their opponents' life points to zero or less, or if the opponent is unable to draw a card when required. As a resource the games uses "Will" which is usually produced by "Magic Stone" - cards who are stored in a separate pile of cards called the "Magic Stone Deck". A special type of card is the "Ruler"/"J-Ruler", a special creature card in the "Ruler Zone". The ruler can be “rested” to call a Magic Stone from the Deck or it can enter the regular field for combat by using the "Judgment" Ability.