Curbside Pickup

Want first dibs?


Curbside Order Pickup at Warehouse

We have recently started to offer free curbside pickup.  Please note the following:

  • Preparing your order could take from at least 1 Hour and up to 1 Full Business Day. 
    Curbside pickup is not always the fastest way to get your order, as it's outside of our normal processes and takes additional time and handling.  Only a select few employees at are trained and able to handle curbside orders.

  • Don't Arrive Until We Text You
    We will text the phone number you provided with detailed directions once your order is ready.

  • We're normally open 10am-5pm. 
    Curbside pickups will occur during those hours.
  • You Must Wear A Mask
    No matter what your vaccination status is, religious beliefs, health conditions, etc.  If you can't wear a mask, choose shipping.

  • If we get swamped, there will be delays.
    If a new set gets released and we get swamped, we won't be staying around until 9pm on a Friday to do curbside.  Honestly shipping is your best quickest bet.  It's the service we built our company around providing timely and safely.

We're moving to Penndel!

We are moving to a store in Penndel, PA, but we aren't there just yet!


225 Lincoln Hwy,

Fairless Hills, PA 19030


We will update this page when we have moved!