An Overdue Redesign

Posted by Vince on May 17th 2021

An Overdue Redesign

I figured it was time for a slight refresh.

We've been getting a lot of growth this past year.  Pokemon has exploded!  I thought this would be a great time to change up the theme a bit and make things a bit easier to navigate at

One big change is the addition of the Booster Packs category.  In the past it was easy to keep Booster Boxes, most ETBs, and single packs in-stock, but things have changed.  Basically, any products that contains booster packs will be in the Booster Packs category to make things easier for customers.

Also, since we've been running RetreatCost through every set since 2014 the "Shop by Set' category was getting a bit unruly.  I took some time to remove any categories for which we no longer have any available products.  

We've also changed up the theme a bit, and I welcome any feedback about the design or usability (